Welcome to Mandalay Medical Centre

We at Mandalay Medical Centre aim to provide the best possible medical care to our patients.  We use our knowledge, skill, and attitudes to address the patient's ideas, concerns, and expectations to bring about the best outcome for them.

With patients' needs at the heart of everything we do, our website has been designed to make it easy for you to gain instant access to the information you need.

As well as specific practice details such as opening hours and how to register, you’ll find a wealth of useful pages covering a wide range of health issues along with links to other relevant medical organisations.

Of course we’re not just here for when you are unwell. Our team of healthcare professionals and back-up staff offer a number of clinics and services to promote good health and wellbeing whatever your medical condition.

Our email address is gp.p82023@nhs.net 

Cancer Event

We are delighted to announce on Saturday, 2 March, Bolton GP Federation, in collaboration with partners, is hosting a cancer advice and information event at the Bolton Wanderers vs Cambridge United match at the Toughsheet Stadium.

Opening Times

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness

Please click on the below link for more information around breast cancer.

ISL032 15 Breast Cancer Update EasyRead (england.nhs.uk)


Seven steps to save general practice

Share our manifesto with your MP

Dear Mark Logan MP, 

I live in Bolton North East and I am writing to ask you to support proposals to improve patient care in general practice. 

Did you know that in the NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board area the number of patients per full time equivalent GP has risen by 22%  since 2019?. Without a bold plan patient care in general practice is going to suffer, putting the whole of the NHS in crisis. 

That is why the Royal College of General Practitioners has launched a manifesto setting out seven steps to save general practice.  

  1. Protect patient safety by introducing a national alert system to flag unsafe levels of workload and allow practices to access additional support 
  2. Ensure patients get the care they need, closer to home, by increasing the share of NHS funding for general practice 
  3. Provide more support to patients in deprived communities 
  4. Ensure every patient who needs to see a GP can do so quickly and safely by taking action to grow the GP workforce 
  5. Give every patient access to a modern fit for purpose general practice building, by investing at least £2 billion in infrastructure 
  6. Free up GPs to spend more time to spend with patients 
  7. Guarantee permanent residence for international medical graduates qualifying as GPs to make sure they can work in the NHS 

I am asking you to take action to support these proposals and encourage the Conservative party to adopt these recommendations ahead of the next general election. This could involve writing to your leader or speaking in Parliament about the crisis in general practice and the need take urgent action to improve patient safety, access and care. 

You can find more details on the manifesto here. Please also hold the 30th January, 6.30pm, for a reception being hosted by RCGP in the Thames Pavilion to discuss the manifesto with members of parliament, GPs and patients groups.  If you would like to attend please RSVP to campaigns@rcgp.org.uk

NHS 111 online

a group of people sitting in chairs

NHS 111

111 online is a fast and convenient alternative to the 111 phone service and provides an option for people who want to access 111 digitally. 

Your needs will be assessed and you will be given advice about whether you need:

  • Treat yourself at home
  • Go to a Primary Care Centre

If you need face to face medical attention you may be asked to attend a Primary Care Centre.

Click here to access NHS 111 online or call 111 to speak to a staff member.